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This is a section with common questions visitors of this site ask me:

If I have provided my email address when I purchased a bear from you / asked you a question, will I be on your mailing list?

No. I think that it is inconsiderate to grab any available email address and put it on my mailing list. You have to ask separately for being there. The easiest way to do so is to go to Just check the appropriate box. If you want to know about my new bears or my auctions I strongly recommend being on my mailing list.


What about privacy issues? You do not mention anywhere that you are not selling email addresses from your mailing list.

I always assume that friends of Teddy Kingdom are decent people. I hope that they assume the same about me. So far this approach has worked pretty well for all of us. The common meaning of decency includes not selling your friends to marketing companies. If I am still not clear enough: No, I do not give away or sell email addresses.


I just received your bear and was disappointed with its look. It seems that the shipping made it look really scruffy. What should I do?

It is easy to correct. Bears of soft long hair synthetic fur usually arrive in a miserable condition because of all the transportation stress. Hold your bear at his back and shake him violently a few times. You will be surprised how nice he will look after this procedure. The bear will feel pleased, too :). As to bears of mohair or other natural material or of short hair synthetic fur, a gentle brushing is enough to keep you and your new friend happy.


I would be glad to follow your advice on shaking the bear after he arrives. However, I am afraid that his head will fall off. His neck seems to be so fragile.

Please do not worry. The neck seems to be fragile because I use a special joint to make it more flexible than what you may be used to. I make my bears out of the best materials and with all possible care. The head will not fall off, I promise. If you really are scared, please close your eyes while shaking, BUT SHAKE. The neck is strong enough to withstand this violent act of yours. Just send your other bears on look out. You do not want the animal protection agency to know about your cruel behavior :).

Please let me know if you want to be on my mailing list