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Let me introduce Lena Volkova, the 2007 Golden Teddy Award nominee and 2009 TED Worldwide Award and Golden Teddy Award winner. For years, Lena has been a successful apparel designer. However, an interesting turn in her career happened the day she saw one-of-a-kind teddy bears made by prominent artists. "I was impressed with imagination of the artists and their ability to create wonderful, almost lifelike bears, impossible to forget," says Lena. No surprise that she started making her own bears. Lena has mastered the techniques of making high quality bears for collectors. She added her own talent and vision, and voila … a wonder happened. Lena's bears look at you with almost human expressions on their faces. Each has its own character and its own temperament.

Thanks to Lena's unique talent and personality, we have received a new family of bears in the rich and colorful world of teddy bears. Today Lena is a well established successful artist with many outstanding bears and other stuffed animals sold all over the world. Her mailing list grows every day, so does the popularity of her bears.

If you buy an item from this site, please remember that collector bears are not toys. Care and delicate handling are required when collecting these unique beings. You can find more information about caring for collector teddy bears elsewhere on the internet.

All bears are one of a kind and made with the greatest care and quality specially for you as a serious collector.

I hope you will enjoy Lena's bears for many years to come.

Andre Volosov
APV Associates, LLC

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